Never Come Home to a Dark House

Lighting Controls

With over 30 years of experience in the lighting automation field, we offer an array of products that can be tailored to fit all needs and budgets. 

Lighting Controls come in many different shapes, styles and sizes. We offer a wide variety of solutions in the Oklahoma City area from single room or single electrical light switch control to our whole home electrical solutions. Below are Just a few of the solutions we offer.

House with beautiful exterior lighting

Don't See Your System?

If you have an older Lutron system that isn’t listed above, fear not. We service many of the older systems Lutron has produced over the years. Radio Ra Classic, Homeworks Illumination, Homeworks Interactive, and Classic Homeworks to name a few.

We also work on GE relay systems and specialize in modernizing those systems with the latest technology to bring people back to cutting-edge technology.

art lighting panels illuminating a pair of paintings

Art Lighting

Showcase the Art in Your Home

Types of Art Lighting:

Ceiling-Mounted Accent Lights: These are pin spotlights that direct light onto individual artwork. It is a great way to illuminate them without the light fixtures getting in the way of the artwork.

Track Lights: Track lights are versatile and can provide lighting for more than one piece. They give you flexibility for your growing collection.

Wall Washers: Wall washers come in many forms, including recessed, surface-mounted, or track-mounted fixtures. They are usually placed on walls or ceilings, and they deliver a wide distribution of light.

Picture Lights: Picture lights are often mounted on the wall or the frames of individual artwork. They provide more intimacy to a piece of art, which invites you to take a closer look.


Why LED?

LED lighting is the best way to reduce energy use without sacrificing the amount and quality of light in an area. In fact, the amount of light often increases in areas that are converted to LED.

We offer many options for LED from standard bulb replacement to retrofit trim bulb combinations.

The complete LED Retrofit trim has many advantages over bulb replacement.

There is no unsightly gap between the trim and the bulb, the space-age-looking casing that is typically present on led bulbs is nowhere to be found.

There are an array of colors that can be used to add another level of accent to the area.

Frequently asked LED questions

Kelvin temperature is how the color of the light LED bulbs put out is measured. 2700Kelvin is often compared to a standard light bulb color. Keep in mind that when dimming a standard light bulb, it turns more orange while an LED’s color will stay the same as brightness is adjusted.

Color temperature is largely a personal preference. When asked, we often suggest 3000K. It is a bright light that makes things like artwork pop without looking too harsh. We can help you find the right solution for your home.

Not all LEDs are created equal. One often gets what they pay for. We will not install LED with a CRI of less than 80 and a life shorter than 25,000 hours. It has also been our experience that the higher quality of LED will dim better. Many of the lower-end ones are not dimmable at all.

CRI is a color rendering index. It is most directly a measure of the quality of the light produced with 100 CRI being the max. Shy away from any LED with a CRI of less than 80.

Many LEDs say they are dimmable, but one must also consider if the LED is compatible with the dimmer. This can get to be a complex subject. A good resource is


We are equipped to unbox, assemble, and install about any chandelier out there in any room of your home.

We specialize in the installation of chandelier lifts, allowing the chandelier to be raised and lowered for regular cleaning and maintenance. If you have a fixture requiring professional repair, we can safely transport it to a lighting repair specialist.

High in the sky ceiling? No problem. We will come prepared for the job.

two chandeliers hanging from a tall ceiling, installed by tom king electric