Electric Vehicle Home Charging Installation

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The trusted professionals at Tom King Electric can upgrade your panel to provide sufficient capacity for EV charging and future-proof your home to accommodate additional electrification technologies down the road.

electric vehicle charger installed at residential property

How It Works:

Step 1:

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Purchase Vehicle and Charger

Step 2:

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Fill Out our EV Request a Quote Form

Please fill out all fields in the form and be prepared to take photos of your panel and installation location.

Step 3:

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Receive Estimate

Your estimate will be emailed to you for approval.

Step 4:

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Approve Estimate

Respond to the email or give us a call when you are ready to approve your estimate.

Step 5:

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Schedule Installation Appointment

Once approved, our scheduling manager will reach out to get your installation completed by one of our experts.

Step 6:

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Enjoy Convenient Home Charging

Rest assured knowing that you have hassle-free charging that fits into your schedule.

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Why Hire a Pro

Although YouTube is full of instructional installation videos for brave DIYers, most people hire an electrician for the job. Electrical work is dangerous and complicated, and burning down your house is a lot more expensive than hiring a pro. Plus, our installation team will walk you through the process, from choosing a charger to completion of safe installation.