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Lighting Controls come in many different shapes styles and sizes. We offer a wide array of solutions in the Oklahoma CIty area from single room or single electrical light switch control to our whole home electrical solutions. Below are Just a few of the solutions we offer.

Homeworks QS

Homeworks QS is our premier lighting control solution. This panel based lighting system offers a wide variety of devices including the Palladiom keypad featurned above. It has buttons that match the plate material. In the case above it is metal but also available in plastic or glass. Also available in maestro and grafik T styling. 

  • With QS your imagination is the limit. All you need to do is ask. The odds are we have probably done something similar on other projects and if you have a request that is exceptionally unique we will welcome the challenge.
  • Fully automatic shades with daylight sensing technology. When it is too bright in a room the screens could roll down to lower the amount of glare in a room and help lower heating and air costs.
  • Save energy by dimming and only using power and lights when you need it.
  • Using the latest in lighting control technology working with voice technologies such as Alexa to control your lights with only your voice. 

RadioRA 2

RadioRa 2 offers a brilliant solution for lighting and shading controls. Leading the way in control of LED's.  Radio Ra2 offers aesthetics that are functional and pleasing. With a wide array of device and plate colors there is a way to compliment any design.


With RadioRA you can.


• save energy and lessen your impact on the environment. The energy-saving benefits of RadioRA 2 are brought to you        through a combination of light, shade, temperature, and appliance control.


• add convenience to your daily life. With a total home control system, you can adjust lights, shades, and temperature to    the specific level you want, in a particular room, or throughout your house—at the touch of a button.


• create just the right mood or ambiance for any activity—and do it with stylish products that will complement your            

   home’s décor.


• add cutting edge technology to your home. With RadioRA 2, you can control lights, shades, temperature, and                    appliances from wall-mounted, tabletop, or handheld controls, in a specific room— or remotely from another room—or    even from outside your home.

Grafik T

Availble for Homeworks QS systems and Radio Ra 2 can add a unique aesthetic to your home.

More Color Choices For You!

Lutron's wide array of colors allows you to choose colors that fit your personal style. Why choose between only 5 colors when you can have upwards of 15 options with lutron.



Caseta Wireless

Do you find yourself wishing you didn't have to walk across the room to switch off a lamp or another switch?Caseta is the product for you. With a plug in lamp dimmer, turning a bedside lamp off as you leave the room as if it were a light switch is as simple as plugging in the module and mounting the remote to the wall. No wiring required!

    If you are more ambitious you can use a Caseta smart bridge to have control  of up to 50 devices from your phone. The smart bridge also comes with an internal time clock that can turn your outside lights on with sunrise and sunset. This system also is capable of geofencing. This means that when you are equiped with your phone and come within a certain distance of your house the lights can automatically come on to greet you so you are never in the dark trying to find a light switch. Caseta also allows for control of battery powerd shades from Lutron. A wireless solution for smart window coverings. Learn more about Caseta here.

Adorne by Legrand

Similar to Caseta, Adorne can handle more devices and offers an aesthetic like not other. With hundreds of different wall plates to choose from and variety of innovative devices such as USB and pop out plugs it is as unique as you can immagine it.

Adorne is also available in non system devices to add the same aesthetic but at a lower cost.

The unique design allows for wallplates to be made from wood, metals, and even a version designed to be wallpaper compatible.

Don't See Your System?

If you have an older Lutron system that isn't listed above fear not. We service many of the older systems Lutron has produced over the years. Radio Ra Classic, Homeworks Illuminiation, Homeworks Interactive, and Classic Homeworks to name a few. 

We also do work on GE relay systems and specialize in modernizing those systems with the latest technology to bring you back to cutting edge technology. 

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